Youth Program Values Statement

The following values statement was developed by the New Youth Program Committee to guide the new program and was approved by the Foundation’s board of directors at its April 2018 meeting.

We believe every human being has the right to live with dignity, to experience empathy and forgiveness, and to live in a world that is safe and just, for themselves, their families, and communities.

We believe a just world is one with freedom, fairness, and access to opportunity.

We believe that even as communities are actively being disenfranchised, they are full of talent, brilliance, creativity and wisdom, and that the solutions lie within these communities. We do not assume that we know best, or that we have the answers. We do know that a safer and more just world simply does not and will not arise without the voices of the people most affected by injustice.

We know that the legacies of historical injustice and systems of oppression have deprived generations of people access to the opportunities they deserve, and this has had an especially devastating impact on young people.

As a small family foundation, we believe the most powerful way to leverage our resources is to invest in young people. And, we believe that by uplifting the voices of young people, we are investing in our collective future.

We recognize that injustice takes many forms and are committed to challenging all systems of oppression. It is our role to support historically under-resourced communities (organizations + leaders) working together to dismantle these interconnected systems of oppression.

We believe that communities lead and that it is our role as a foundation to partner with them, in support of their work and their needs.