Youth Program

What We Seek to Fund

We seek to fund organizations that recognize the root causes of race, gender, and economic oppression, and that are mobilizing and engaging communities in healing, building collective power, and advocating for systemic change.

Applicant organizations must be led by and for the community they serve; must amplify young people’s voice and agency; and hold themselves accountable to their communities and to young people.

We are aware that we are making relatively modest investments that alone cannot solve these deeply entrenched problems, many of which are rooted in our country’s history of slavery and oppression. We also are aware that philanthropy often expects under-funded organizations to take on radical, transformational work without all the resources they need. At the same time, we believe that small, community-led organizations can make a profound difference in their communities and should be provided unrestricted funding to pursue their work, as they see fit.

We expect to fund a diversity of strategies, communities and types of organizations through unrestricted grants for general support. We are not looking to fund any one specific project or idea, and we do not expect applicants to create a new program. If your organization receives a grant, you can use the funding in whatever way meets your needs.

What We Hope to Learn

Through the Youth Program, we hope to learn more about the capacity needs of grantee organizations, in order to inform a future capacity-building grants program.

In addition, we hope to learn how organizations are interconnected and working with each other to bring about systemic change. We believe it is our role to listen to leaders, to communities, to young people, and to the movement, and to honor their self-determination.

Eligible Location(s)

  • New York City (Five Boroughs)
  • State of Rhode Island
  • San Francisco/Bay Area: Counties of San Francisco, Marin, Alameda, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Solano, and Contra Costa counties. In Santa Clara County, organizations only in the City of San Jose, and in San Mateo County only organizations in East Palo Alto, are eligible.


Applicants must be a legally registered 501(c)(3) organization or have a fiscal sponsor.

Youth Focus + Agency

The primary focus of the applicant’s work must be on young people, which we define as around 26 years of age or under. Applicants must demonstrate that young people hold some level of power and agency within the organization, and that the organization is accountable to young people.


Applicants must be led by and for the communit(ies) that are the focus of the organization’s work. This means community members must hold key leadership positions and have decision-making authority. Organizations led by and for people of color; migrants and refugees in communities of color, regardless of documentation status; binary and non-binary, transgender and gender non-conforming people; formerly incarcerated people; people affected by the child welfare system; and low-income people are strongly encouraged to apply.

We also seek organizations with leadership practices that put people first and value the health and well-being of staff. Organizations with alternative models of leadership (e.g. co-executive directors, co-operatives, etc.) are welcome to apply.


We will prioritize applicants that are mobilizing and engaging communities in healing, building collective power, and systemic change via one or more of the following strategies:

  • Movement-building & Networks
  • Advocacy
  • Grassroots organizing
  • Individual transformation

Values + Inclusivity

We will prioritize organizations that bring a deep understanding of how multiple systems of oppression affect their community, specifically: racism, white supremacy and anti-Blackness; class inequity; gender-based oppression, including against binary and non-binary, transgender and gender non-conforming people; and xenophobia, racist rhetoric and dehumanization of people migrating to the United States.

Community Solutions

We will prioritize applicants that uplift the talent, brilliance and solutions in their communities. We seek to fund organizations that understand and work to address the oppressions and root causes of obstacles faced by communities striving to live their lives as they choose, and with dignity.

What We Will Not Fund

  • Current PHF grantees are not eligible to apply at this time.
  • Organizations with a budget over $2 million.
  • Organizations not led by their constituency. Community involvement or input is insufficient; applicants must demonstrate that the community served by their work has decision-making power over the work.
  • Organizations that are not focused on young people.
  • Direct services that seek individual transformation without building agency and collective power or working towards systemic change.

To Apply

  • At this time we are not accepting applications as we are evaluating our pilot year. Please check back periodically for updates.