Youth Program FAQ

Below are our answers to many frequently asked questions regarding the New York Program. Please note that no new applications are being accepted at this time.

When is the deadline to submit an application?

We are currently not accepting any applications.

How do I submit an application for the program?

All applications must be submitted through PHF’s online application portal. To begin your application, click here.

My organization is based outside of the designated funding areas, but we conduct some programming in the designated funding area. Can we still apply for funding?

The aim of the New Youth Program is to fund grassroots, community-driven efforts, so funding groups based outside of the designated funding areas is not in line with the intention of the program. Therefore, organizations based outside of the designated funding areas will be considered ineligible to receive funding at this time.

My organization is based outside of the designated funding areas, but the work we do and the structure of our organization falls within the eligibility criteria of the application. Can we still receive funding?

Funding under the New Youth Program is strictly limited to the following areas: New York City, the state of Rhode Island, and the Bay Area. As a family foundation with modest resources, we do not have the capacity to fund organizations outside of those geographic areas at this time.

I am having difficulty registering/ logging in/ completing something in the application portal. What should I do?

First, please watch this webinar, which walks through many of the technical aspects of the application portal. If, after watching the webinar, you are still experiencing difficulties, please email [email protected] for assistance.

We currently receive sponsored grant, nuclear program grant, or exit grant funding from PHF. Are we still able to apply for New Youth Program funding?

Current PHF grantees (receiving sponsored, nuclear program or exit grant funding) are not eligible to receive funding through the New Youth Program at this time.

Is there a way to look at the application questions before creating an account?

Yes, if you would like to develop responses to the questions ahead of time, a word document version of the application can be downloaded here. Please note that applications must still be submitted through PHF’s online application portal in order to be considered for funding.

How will applications be evaluated and what are next steps?

Applications will be evaluated through a community review process comprised of location-specific reader groups. Organizations selected to move forward will also be invited to participate in a site visit.

Will there be any other opportunities for funding through The Prospect Hill Foundation? If I don’t qualify for this funding opportunity, can I still send you a proposal or LOI for a different program?

PHF typically does not accept unsolicited applications for funding under any of its other funding areas, but any future open calls for applications will be announced on PHF’s Twitter account and posted on the PHF website.