Grants Program

The Foundation’s grants primarily support a variety of activities in the United States, with particular local and regional focus on New York, Rhode Island, Cape Cod, and the Berkshires.

The mission of the Prospect Hill Foundation
is to advance the human experience while
ensuring the well-being of the earth.

During the 2018 fiscal year, the Foundation underwent a “Year of Reflection” during which time it reviewed of all its programs and activities. Starting July 1, 2018, the Foundation began phasing out of three of its four program areas.  In addition to its Nuclear Disarmament & Nonproliferation Program, the Foundation will launch a new program area.

New PHF Program 

PHF’s new program area will build upon the justice work the Foundation historically has supported and will focus on youth. The Foundation’s intent is to create a holistic and intersectional funding program that supports community-led, grassroots activities that challenge systemic racism and gender-based oppression, including poverty and discrimination based on immigration or citizenship status.  In fiscal year 2019, the Board will engage in a “Year of Learning” to continue its research and explore forms of systemic oppression related to youth.

Nuclear Disarmament & Nonproliferation

The Prospect Hill Foundation seeks to further nuclear arms control; reduce the threat of nuclear weapons use; and ultimately abolish nuclear weapons through support for policy analysis, public education, and advocacy. The program supports greater awareness about the humanitarian and environmental consequences of a nuclear explosion; the societal costs of developing and maintaining a nuclear arsenal; and the need to reduce the number of nuclear weapons. In addition, the Foundation will advance nuclear nonproliferation by funding work that encourages and strengthens existing multilateral, regional and bilateral agreements.

Sponsored Grants

In addition to the Foundation’s program areas, as a family foundation, The Prospect Hill Foundation has a long history of support for causes and institutions that are personally important to the Foundations’ directors and their families. Grantmaking initiated by directors continues to be directed towards arts and culture, environmental conservation, social change and education. Sponsored grants reflect the Foundation’s values and philanthropic goals.

Past Program Areas


The Prospect Hill Foundation’s Environment Program was focused on coastal waters and oceans in the southern New England region, stretching from Cape Cod to the Hudson Canyon; and funded advocacy and policy reform opportunities in order to improve water quality, advance marine conservation and restore coastal habitats. The Environment Program highlighted leverage opportunities to advance the work of environmental advocates and policymakers.

Reproductive Health & Justice

The Prospect Hill Foundation funded advocacy to ensure that all women have access to the full range of quality reproductive and sexual health services and that these services are fully integrated in the implementation of health care reform, namely the Affordable Care Act.

Youth Justice

The Prospect Hill Foundation helped to secure transformational reforms for New York City young people affected by the youth and adult justice systems. The Foundation funded 1) advocacy promoting policies and practices that are fair, effective and appropriate for youth and 2) projects promoting community-based models in New York that present non-incarceration strategies. The Foundation funded organizations and projects that centered directly-affected individuals. In addition, the Foundation has helped to reframe “justice thinking” to include community development and positive youth development principles.